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DHX Electric Machines, Inc.  holds an exclusive worldwide license to manufacture, market, and sell electric machines incorporating Direct-winding Heat Exchange (DwHX) and Variable Density Micro-Feature Heat Exchanger technologies  developed in MayorLab at Georgia Tech. Operations commenced in August 2014 on the Georgia Tech campus. A year later, DHX transitioned to a 20,000 sq.ft R&D facility equipped with lean manufacturing assembly cells, CNC machine tools, custom production and testing equipment for motors sized up to 3000 kW.

DHX started selling Hawk 20, 40, and 60 beta prototype motors to micro-entrepreneurs, companies, and university clubs in 2016. The Hawk motors have been deployed in military applications, electric motorcycles, autonomous agriculture platforms, electric race cars, electric boats, yachts, academic labs, eATVs, golf carts, and electric utility vehicles.

The PEREGRiNE series P20, P40, P60 was developed in 2020 and released for testing in 2021 as the next generation of low voltage motors incorporating technology from custom Product Development Contracts. Higher voltage KESTREL K20, K40, K60 motors for industrial applications were developed and released in parallel with the PEREGRiNE series.  DHX is taking limited orders from select alpha+ testers for PEREGRiNE and KESTREL motors.

DHX develops and prototype custom motors (with or without DwHX) for multinational corporations in electric aviation, drones, and HVAC/R market segments, while also supporting small technology companies focused on electric boating and wave generator applications.

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