DHX Electric Machines, Inc. was founded in  January 2014 to commercialize the patented, proprietary micro-feature enhanced DwHX cooling technology developed in MayorLab at Georgia Tech.  DHX holds an exclusive worldwide license to manufacture, market, and sell electric machines incorporating Direct-winding Heat Exchange and Variable Density Micro-Feature Heat Exchanger technologies from the Georgia Tech Research Corporation.


DHX started operations in August 2014 on the Georgia Tech campus in a business incubation space. DHX started earning motor development revenue in October 2014 with a multi-national corporation elevator company contract. The company transistioned to a 20,000 sq.ft building in August 2015, in Braselton/Hoschton, Georgia, equipped with lean manufacturing assembly cells, CNC machine tools, custom production and testing equipment for motors sized up to 3000 kW.


DHX started selling Hawk 20, 40, and 60 beta prototype motors to micro-entrepreneurs & businesses in 2016. The Hawk motors have been deployed in military amphibious vehicles, electric motorcycles, agriculture platforms, electric race cars, boats, yachts, academic labs, eATVs, golf carts, and electric utility vehicles. 


DHX integrates efficiently with R&D and Product Development teams to provide specialized electric machines design solutions for niche markets.  DHX uses in-house developed Multi-Disciplinary Electromagnetic Design Optimization software, industry-standard electromagnetic design FEA tools, CAE design and CAM software for rapid development cycles, enabling custom, application-tailored DwHX cooled motors for our customers. We have developed motor solutions for a multitude of applications, including vertical traction, HVACR compressors, marine applications, aerospace, and portable power generation systems.


DHX will consider technology transfer and licensing for large volume applications, allowing us to continue doing what we do best Innovate Technologies + Transform industries.




As a leading engineer scientist in the field of electro-mechanical design and micro-manufacturing, Dr. Mayor focuses on advanced electro-mechanical design efforts towards advanced power electronics cooling and electric machines design; micro-manufacturing; micro-power generation; and sustainable energy systems. Dr. Mayor has extensive entrepreneurial experience with product-oriented technology startups and in leading & managing advance research and development projects. He is a tenured Associate Professor at the George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology and the President of DHX Electric Machines, Inc.


Dr. Mayor has presented numerous invited seminars and keynote addresses on topics within the field of micro-manufacturing, electric machines, and energy systems. In addition to teaching at undergraduate, graduate, and corporate education levels in the U.S., he has lectured courses in China, France, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa. He has published over 120 papers in archival journals and peer-reviewed conference proceedings and is a member of the ASME, IEEE and a senior member of the SME. 

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Su Mayor specializes in managing operations of high value engineering startups and mid-size technology companies. She managed the operations of a multi-million dollar defense contract engineering startup that performed innovative micro-meso combustion engine power systems research for military organizations such as DARPA DSO, SOCOM, and the Air Force. She is experienced in administration, accounting, auditing, human resources, project management, and property management. Su closely manages DHX’s production scheduling and supply chain operations.


Su also has extensive experience in film and media production, including working on major studio commercials, film and television productions, in addition to numerous independent film and media projects. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce with a concentration in Economics & Finance from the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa, a Bachelor of Arts, Film & Media with a minor in Biology, graduating summa cum laude and with distinction from Georgia State University. Su also has completed graduate work in Applied Economics, focusing on macro economics and environmental economics at Eastern Michigan University.

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A Bermuda company owned by the Panoz Estate, an investor since 2015.

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